Best Universities in USA to Apply without IELTS 2022

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Best Universities in USA to Apply without IELTS 2022

Best Universities in USA to Apply without IELTS 2022 Every year, millions of students all over the world get fully funded scholarships to study at top universities in the USA without having to submit IELTS scores. The reasons are not unbelievable; US universities are very flexible in their admission requirements, such that they offer waivers and other options like providing MOIs to represent the student’s proof of English expertise.

Best Universities in USA to Apply without IELTS 2022

Best Universities in USA to Apply without IELTS 2022 Aside from the flexible entry requirements, the United States is home to top universities which offer quality education from experts in every field of moot punishment. Students also get to apply what they have learned to famous industries located in the US through research, internships, and part-time or full-time employment. In this piece, we will introduce you to some of the Best Universities in USA where you can apply to study without IELTS.

Before we continue to the universities, let us first look at some of the general entry requirements, which are essential for any US university.

General Admission Necessities to Study in the USA

Candidates to US universities are expected to submit the following requirements (in addition to the school’s specific entry requirements) to be considered for admission:

  • Official transcripts from high school (undergraduate applications) or from earlier universities (for graduate applications).
  • Homogeneous test scores such as the SAT or ACT for undergraduate applications. GMAT or GRE scores or certifications should be submitted by graduate applicants.
  • Statements of purpose or personal statements are essays normally requested from graduate applicants. It contains reasons for applying to the desired program, the strength of the applicant, long-term goals, and relevant personal experiences.
  • References from teachers, professors (academic references), or employers.
  • A copy of your passport bio-data page
  • A resume containing applicable work experience, skills, available papers (if any), awards, conferences attended, and other relevant information.
  • The university finished the application form.

Best Universities in USA to Apply without IELTS 2022

In addition to the admission requirements listed above, students from non-English-speaking countries are essential to prove their English expertise, which is the official language of writing and speaking in the US. Applicants from these nations who do not have IELTS can opt into the English Language for Internationals (ELI) program presented by US universities. These universities give students a provisional fee to study both their program of interest and English language and writing, usually in the first year of study. Note that, usually, candidates from English-speaking countries or those who have completed their first degree or diploma at a university whose medium of education is English do not need to submit IELTS scores. They will be given absolute offers of admission.

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List of best US universities to Apply for Admissions Without IELTS

The University of Delaware

According to US News and World Report, 2022, this esteemed university is now ranked 75th out of 201 institutions of higher education. IELTS testing is free for international students applying to this university who are from non-English-speaking nations. Applicants who do not have IELTS or who have poor scores may be admitted conditionally to the University of Delaware if they enroll in the English Language Institute, where they will learn how to speak, read, listen, and write American English. The student must select the Academic Transition option and one of the more than 150 undergraduate majors to apply for the conditional offer of admission to the University of Delaware. Graduate applicants select one of 39 disciplines when they enroll in the Graduate CAP program at the English Language Institute. Before beginning to take the desired course full-time, the student must fulfill the requirements for admission.

University of Wisconsin Stout

US News and World Report have this university at number 69 for 2022. It is considered to be one of the top public institutions in the Midwest and is renowned for the caliber of its programs in engineering, marketing, computer and information sciences, health professions, mathematics, and other fields. If undergraduate or graduate students want to attend this university without having to take the IELTS exam, they can do so by enrolling in English as a Second Language (ESL) program that is provided by this institution. An offer of admission is made to these candidates under certain conditions. Students continue to take their selected courses full-time after finishing the ESL program and fulfilling the criteria.

This college also accepts the resulting English test scores in place of IELTS.

  • A minimum score of 48 in the Pearson Test of English (PTE Abstract).
  • A minimum cut-off of 95 in the Duolingo English Test.

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Loyola University Chicago,

One of the best and biggest Catholic universities in the country is this one. US News & World Report’s 2022 rankings of national universities in the US place it at number 103. Marketing, nursing, engineering, criminal justice, biological sciences, and many more major fields of study are among the most popular ones at Loyola University Chicago that can be pursued without IELTS. If a graduate or undergraduate student successfully completes one or more semesters in the university’s English Language Learning Program without having IELTS, they can enroll in the required course (ELLP). No IELTS is necessary to apply for the English Language Learning Program.

In addition, this university accepts IELTS substitute results from Duolingo and the Pearson Test of English (PTE). With each department, different scores are accepted.

California State University-Fresno 

This university is well known for the high caliber and reasonable cost of its education. According to the Times Higher Education, it is ranked 337. This university offers majors in a variety of fields, including engineering, law, physics and astronomy, the arts, performing arts, and design. Undergraduate and graduate students without IELTS are eligible for conditional admission to California State University, Fresno. Conditionally admitted students will spend a year studying at the American English Institute on the Fresno Campus. They can continue to study their chosen course once they have completed the program’s requirements.

Other English Language requirements known in place of IELTS include:

  1. A score of 53 or complex in the PTE test.
  2.  A score of at minimum 105 on the Duolingo English test

Rice University

A notable university around the globe is Rice University. It is renowned for its cutting-edge research and cutting-edge scientific fields, including, among others, biology, economics, nanotechnology, mechanical engineering, and space science. According to the Times Higher Education, 2010, it is ranked 27th overall and first in the subject of material science.

Without IELTS, undergraduate and graduate students might be admitted conditionally to this university. They are able to enroll for a year in the English as a Second Language Program and complete the prerequisites for graduation. They then carry on studying for their desired course.

In addition, students may substitute a Duolingo Test score of 115 or higher for the IELTS.

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The University of New Orleans

According to the Department of Homeland Security and the US National Security Agency, this university is the center of cyber defense research. For its pupils, it provides a supportive environment and many scholarships. According to the US News and World Report 2022, it is ranked 299–391 overall. The institution offers majors in liberal arts, education, hotel, restaurant, tourism, engineering, and other fields. For students without IELTS scores, the university provides a program for intensive English language study and conditional admission. Following completion of the English requirements, students move into their preferred subject.

Students can also receive complete admission to Rice University without having to take the IELTS exam if they receive a Duolingo test score of 115 or higher.

University of Colorado Boulder

Best Universities in the USA to Apply without IELTS 2022 -The University of Colorado is well known for its ground-breaking work in the fields of ceramics, aerospace engineering, geology, and quantum physics. According to US News and World Report’s rankings of US national universities for 2022, it is rated 99th.

Top Best Universities in the USA to Apply without IELTS 2022

Before enrolling full-time in their selected course, applicants who accept conditional admission without IELTS must complete a year of English instruction at the University of Colorado International English Center and meet the English prerequisites. IELTS is not required; a Duolingo score of 105 or higher is sufficient.

The University of Arkansas

This university is well-known for its cutting-edge research and is welcoming to students in terms of social life. The top academic fields of this university include, among others, biomedical science, veterinary science, engineering, and journalism. According to US News & World Report’s rankings of US national universities for 2022, it is rated 162 among them. Students without IELTS scores are given liberal conditional admission to the University of Arkansas. Before moving on to full study, these students must participate in an intensive English language program to fulfill the English language requirements. The student also has the option of adding 1-6 credit hours of English and cultural studies courses to their program of study.

In the absence of IELTS, additional suitable and necessary English proficiency exam results include:

  1. A minimum score of 58 in the Pearson Test of English Language (PTE)
  2. A Duolingo English language Test score of 90 or higher
  3. The least score of 79 in the internet-based TOEFL.

Best Universities in USA to Apply without IELTS 2022

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Drexel University

This university is well known for providing its students with a high standard of instruction and practical experience in their specialized field. For 18 months, students are given the chance to work for pay at various businesses. Without IELTS, students can still receive a conditional offer to enroll in their preferred course. When students enroll in the university’s Intensive English program and finish the terms of study before starting their selected course full-time, the English language requirements are satisfied.

Other English proficiency test scores that can be given in to in place of IELTS include

  1. A least a score of 50 on the Pearson Test of English
  2. A minimum score of 110 on the Duolingo English language tests

The University of Dayton

The University of Dayton is a Catholic university with a reputation for its capacity for research and high standards of instruction. It offers graduate and undergraduate courses in important fields like engineering, law, finance, and accounting. Without IELTS scores, students can choose to enroll in the university’s intensive English program, which runs for seven weeks each academic year. Each week, full-time students are given 21 hours of teaching.

Other accepted philological tests include:

  1. A minimum overall score of 4.5 in the International Test of English Skill (ITEP).
  2. A minimum score of 105 in the Duolingo English Language Test.

International students who find it difficult to achieve desirable IELTS scores can now study in top US universities without worries. Any of the replacements listed above is a good pathway to follow.

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