EAA Flight Training Scholarships 2022 (USA, Canada) A Step-by-Step Guide

EAA Flight Training Scholarships 2022

EAA Flight Training Scholarships 2022: Continue your flying training in the United States or Canada. There’s good news! EAA Flight Training Scholarships are now accepting applications. We will go over the details of this scholarship program, its rewards, and the application process in this article.

International students can apply for EAA Flight Training Scholarships 2022-2023, which are completely financed. These scholarships are for flying training in the United States or Canada. After each benchmark, EAA will deliver the funds straight to the flight school.

Do you want to be a pilot or earn an additional rating? EAA can assist you in realizing your aviation goals. EAA Flight Training Scholarships are available to people who want to learn to fly or pursue a career in aviation or allied STEM fields. For the term of the award, this scholarship will cover International Student Fees (ISF).

EAA Flight Training Scholarships

EAA attempts to provide $5,000 scholarships as a minimum grant. The following funds are used to make awards:

  • Alumni Scholarships at the Air Academy
  • Memorial Scholarship for John S. Bradbury
  • The Wilson “Tex” Edwards Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Wilson “Tex” Edwards, a
  • Scholarship for Noah Favaregh
  • Scholarship for Florence “Coffy” Gregory
  • The Richard R. Harper Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Richard R. Harper, a
  • The Jason Kurt Lohr Aviation Scholarship was established in memory of Jason Kurt Lohr, a
  • Heather McRoberts Memorial Scholarship* is a scholarship given in memory of Heather McRoberts.
  • Tinker Murdock Family Scholarship (Tinker Murdock Family Scholarship)
  • Scholarship for Matthew Platt
  • Starjammer CFI Scholarship Elgin Wells Jr.
  • Scholarship for United Airlines Flight Operations Pilots

Hundreds of contributors, philanthropists, and others who “pay it forward” by endowing these programs support EAA’s scholarships. Individuals who are well-rounded, active in their school or community, and passionate about aviation are encouraged to apply for an EAA scholarship.

EAA Flight Training Scholarships

Summary of the Scholarship 

  • Studying Level: Experimental Aircraft Association is a training institution (EAA)
  • Study in the United States or Canada
  • Opportunity Aviation is a focus area (Flight Training)
  • Program Period: This is determined by the flight training curriculum chosen.
  • The deadlines are June 1, 2022, and November 1, 2022.

Coverage of Scholarships

The following perks will be provided to the recipient of an EAA Flight Training Scholarship:

  • EAA attempts to provide $5,000 scholarships as a minimum grant.
  • The money will be sent directly to the flight school by EAA. The initial payment will be 40% of the total amount given. The next 40% will be distributed after certain benchmarks have been met. The remaining 20% will be granted at the end of the benchmark.

EAA Flight Training Scholarships

EAA Flight Training Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates must meet all of the following requirements to be considered for EAA Flight Training Scholarships:
  • English is a required language.
  • All countries in the world are eligible.
  • Scholarships for flight training can be used at any non-university aviation school in the United States.
  • All scholarship funds must be used at a flying school in the United States.
  • Flight training scholarships must be used within one year after being awarded, thus you must be qualified to participate in the flight training program.
  • There are no minimum or maximum age limits.
  • All applications are evaluated against the specific grant requirements, and those who demonstrate the best potential to be actively involved in aviation are granted.

EAA Flight Training Scholarships

What is the procedure for applying for EAA Flight Training Scholarships?

To apply for an EAA Flight Training Scholarship, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Create an EAA profile by signing up.
  2. Fill out the application form completely.
  3. In 150-250 words per essay, respond to the following essay questions:
  4. Why do you think you’re the best candidate for this award?
  5. What do you intend to gain from obtaining this prize in the coming year?
  6. How would this opportunity assist you in achieving your long-term objectives? Where do you envision yourself in ten years?
  7. Indicate any specific circumstances affecting your need for financial support, such as a special person or a family member (if applicable).

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