Best Online Associate Degree Program Guide 2022

The Online Associate Degree Program of at least 60 semester credit hours is divided into three sections: general education coursework, major coursework, and electives. Full-time students typically attend four semesters in two years at 15 credits per semester. Degrees are available on campus or online. An online associate degree allows you to fit school around your schedule and provides the same education as residence degrees.

Online Associate Degree Program

Community colleges, junior colleges, and technical colleges award associate degrees that represent a broad exposure to general education as well as more concentrated knowledge in a specific area of study. Degrees offered range from occupational (electronics, corrections, auto mechanics) to liberal arts (humanities, social science, fine art).

Online Associate Degree Program 2022

Many mid-level technology positions require an Associate of Applied Science degree or occupational associate degree.

Business, liberal arts, and other online Associate degrees can be transferred to Bachelor’s Degree programs all over the country.

Detail of Online Associate Degree Program

Detail of Associate Degree Programs:

  • Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree programs allow the student to build a broad foundation in the liberal arts and sciences. A.A. programs are designed to mirror the first two years of a Bachelor’s degree program and generally consist of 60 semesters (90 quarter) hours. 40 semester (60 quarter) hours of the coursework will come from the following areas: Communications (5+ semester hours/8+ quarter hours), and Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and mathematics (8+ semester hours each/12+ quarter hours each). From these four categories, the remaining 20 semesters (30 quarter) hours can be selected. Under special circumstances, these credits can be earned through coursework providing limited technical skills in specific areas.
  • Associate in Science (A.S.) degree programs allow students to build a broad foundation in the liberal arts and sciences while preparing for a more narrowly focused Bachelor’s degree. With a greater emphasis on math and science, A.S. degrees can prepare students for transfer into specific bachelor’s degree programs like engineering, physics, and chemistry. The degree consists of 60 semesters (90 quarters) hours. Half of these are general education credits with at least 4 semesters (6 quarters) hours in Communications, Social Science, Humanities, Mathematics, and Natural Science. From these five categories, the remaining 10 semesters (15 quarters) of general education hours can be selected. Most courses in liberal arts and science are prerequisites or act as supporting coursework for applied courses.
  • Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree programs are specifically designed to help prepare students for employment. A.A.S. degree-seeking students are expected to compete for at least 60 semesters (90 quarters) hours, including 20 semester hours (30 quarter hours) in the areas of Social Science, Communication, Humanities, and Natural Science or Mathematics.

To find out more about Associate Degree programs visit the schools listed below.

Universities Offer Online Associate Degree Program

University of Phoenix

Penn Foster

Penn Foster offers multiple online associate degrees.

Everest University Online

Everest University (FMU) Online offers associate degree programs in the following disciplines.

Strayer University

Earn your Associate Degree in one of the following fields provided by Strayer University.

Kaplan University

At Kaplan University you can earn your associate degree in the following career fields.

Keiser Online

Keiser Online offers the following Associate Degree Programs.

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