Scholarships in Hong Kong Without IELTS 2022 (Free)

Scholarships in Hong Kong Without IELTS 

Scholarships in Hong Kong Without IELTS 2022: The Top 6 Hong Kong-based Universities are currently accepting applications from all overseas students for scholarships without the need for IELTS for the 2022–2023 academic year.

One of the few areas where both Eastern and Western cultures collide is Hong Kong. It is also well known for having one of the top higher education systems in the world. Scholarships in Hong Kong Without IELTS 2022 The universities in Hong Kong are many, friendly, qualified, and offer cutting-edge research and course-based programs.

Scholarships in Hong Kong Without IELTS 2022 (Free)


The QS world university rankings list a total of six Hong Kong universities, making Hong Kong the “it” destination for international students.

Some of the top IELTS-exempt scholarships that are offered in Hong Kong are listed in this article. But first, let’s understand what it’s like to study and live in Hong Kong before we go any further.

Active Cost for a Student in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is not an inexpensive place to live. For many, the expense of living there is extremely high. Be prepared to pay between 650 and 2,000 USD on rent (per semester) and between 4,000 and 6500 USD on other living expenses if we talk about the cost of living in Hong Kong.

Are students allowed to work in Hongkong?

You may be able to work part-time jobs there as a student in Hong Kong to supplement your income. Working while a student is not always simple. Students in Hong Kong are only permitted to work as interns at locations that have been authorized by their individual colleges or universities. Students are allowed to work on-campus jobs, like teaching assistantships, for a maximum of 20 hours a week.

However, in Hong Kong, students are free to work as much as they choose during breaks from classes or during the summer.

Scholarships in Hong Kong Without IELTS 2022 (Free)

English Language Proficiency Must in Hongkong Universities:

Foreign students who are native English speakers or who received their most recent degree from a school where English served as the primary language of instruction are not required to provide proof of their English language competency in order to be admitted to any Hong Kong-based university. Other students will be forced to submit their results from recognized English language competency exams like the TOEFL or IELTS.

Best Higher Educational Institutions of Hong Kong:

The University of Hong Kong, which holds the 25th spot in the QS World University Rankings, is the most distinguished university in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong are some of the city’s other prominent universities.

Backing Grant of Hongkong Scholarships:

The following ongoing financing grant will be given to the scholars and students who are awarded a Hongkong Scholarship during their academic period:

  • In Hong Kong, education is free.
  • Cost-free examinations
  • VISA fee funding for Hong Kong
  • Travel costs to and from a residence in Hong Kong at a university in Hong Kong with paid utilities
  • Funding for food and monthly payments for personal costs

Scholarships in Hong Kong Without IELTS 2022 (Free)

Scholarships in Hong Kong Without IELTS 2022

Many foreign students are currently enrolled in academic programs in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s administration is still working to entice more and more foreign talent. Because of this, state and collegiate levels have allotted scholarship funding to lower the tuition costs for deserving international students. As a result, it is now considerably simpler and less expensive for Hong Kong residents to obtain a high-quality education.

If an applicant meets the necessary English language competence standards, the scholarships listed below by Hongkong institutions waive the IELTS requirement. This can be demonstrated by presenting any IELTS alternative exam certification or a letter from the prior school attesting to your English language skills. PTE, TOEFL iBT, DET, and IELTS are all acceptable substitutes.

The list of all Hong Kong scholarships available in 2022 without an IELTS exam prerequisite is as follows:

Scholarships available for entry to the Education University of Hong Kong:

The Education University of Hong Kong offers these admission prizes for undergraduate programs. Each winner will receive 113,000 Hong Kong dollars, which they can use to pay their tuition (partially). Students must be majoring in Chinese studies to be considered (a subject of Social Sciences). Only students from other countries may submit an application. If they keep up a specific level of academic performance, they can continue receiving the scholarship in the following years

Scholarships by the University of Hong Kong:

Scholarships in Hong Kong Without IELTS 2022: Studies fellowships are given out by the University of Hong Kong’s Asia Global Institute. The students can attend lectures and conferences during this 13-week program. In order to conduct research on Asian nations and their customs, they will also be visiting several of the capital cities in Asia while on their international travels.

Scholarships in Hong Kong Without IELTS 2022 (Free)

The fellowship recipients will be eligible for a monthly stipend, on-site housing, and insurance for international travel. All students worldwide are eligible to apply. However, they will be responsible for covering the costs of getting to Hong Kong. It is an interdisciplinary curriculum with the goal of developing public policy leaders.

HKPF Scholarships: (Scholarships in Hong Kong Without IELTS 2022)

The recipients of this Ph.D. fellowship may choose to attend any of the Hong Kong universities on the list. Lingnan University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the University of Hong Kong are some of these institutions. The list of subjects connected to this scholarship differs at each of these universities.

The scholarship winners will be qualified for a prize worth USD 39,700. (Around 309, 600 HKD). Additionally, they will receive a yearly stipend of roughly 1,700 USD (or 12,900 HKD), which they can use to travel abroad for conferences and research trips. The scholarship is typically awarded for three years, but in exceptional circumstances, an extension may be granted.

Scholarships by Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU):

International students can pursue masters or postgraduate degrees through Hong Kong Baptist University on scholarships. These students have to be taking one of the following courses:

  1. Finance
  2. Applied Economics
  3. Management
  4. Accountancy

Scholarships in Hong Kong Without IELTS 2022 (Free)

Scholarships in Hong Kong Without IELTS 2022: It is a kind of scholarship that provides an annual stipend of $12,800 USD and waives all tuition costs (around 100,000 HKD). The substantial payment is another indication that the scholarship is a fairly competitive one. The primary objective is to create corporate leaders. Students who have the capacity to expand the reach of higher education in Hong Kong will be given precedence.

Lingnan University Undergraduate Awards:

The Lingnan University scholarship program is open to applicants from countries other than China and Hong Kong. Within this program, there are three different types of scholarships available:

  1. The first one provides a full waiver of tuition fees, free housing on campus, and a monthly stipend that can help with some living expenses.
  2. The second one offers full tuition fee assistance but no further incentives.
  3. A portion of the tuition fees is waived for the third option.

Scholarships in Hong Kong Without IELTS 2022 (Free)

The evaluation of applicants will take into account their academic records, performance in the scholarship interview, as well as their interests, and extracurricular activities. The likelihood of receiving the scholarship is also impacted by the number of applications for a particular program.

The Hong Kong Management Association Awards:

Scholarships are available to study for diplomas in Hong Kong through the Hong Kong Management Association. These courses leading to a diploma may be basic, intermediate, advanced, or professional in nature. The topics can include criminal justice, money management, mediation, etc. The award is fully funded, and the recipients will have all of their tuition costs paid for.

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