10 Top Universities in the World to Study Law

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10 Top Universities in the World to Study Law

10 Top Universities in the World to Study Law – Obtaining a law degree abroad is one of the highest dreams for almost every international law student. And, what makes it even more beautiful is obtaining this law degree at a globally recognized and top-ranking university!

10 Top Universities in the World to Study Law

Given that you can have enough money or you’ve got a scholarship to cover your education abroad, the fact still remains that you’ll have to weigh your options in terms of the best universities in the world to obtain this degree. Here are the top 10 best universities in the world to study law.

A List of the 10 Best Universities to Study Law

Harvard University, USA

According to the topuniversities.com ranking, Harvard University, one of the most prominent colleges in the world, is located in the United States of America and is ranked 99.9%. However, due to its high standards, there are several conditions you must meet in order to study law at this distinguished university. A mandatory law school personal statement, a resume, LSAT/GRE scores, two to three reference letters, one of which should be academic, and other optional requirements are some of the primary criteria for admission.

The University of Oxford, UK

The Oxford Law entry requirements do require you to show that you are numerate. The University of Oxford in the United Kingdom is a prestigious institution that is well-known throughout the world. It is thought to be the oldest English-speaking university. This university is extremely rated; it is ranked 96.9 by topuniversities.com. Other relevant evidence or GCSE Mathematics or other relevant evidence can be used to prove this. If you are selected for the course after passing the interview stage and are given a conditional offer, such as AAA at A-level, you must still earn AAA at A-level in order to enroll. However, choosing a subject that necessitates essay writing, like history or philosophy, is beneficial. By doing so, you’ll be able to hone writing and argument-building abilities that will be beneficial for the Oxford Law course.

The University of Cambridge, UK

The famed University of Cambridge is situated in the United Kingdom; it is claimed to have a long history and draws tourists from all over the world to its well-known colleges and university buildings. However, the university’s museums and collections also house a wealth of artifacts that offer fascinating insights into some of the academic activities that the university’s academics and students have engaged in in the past and today. Despite being ranked 96.4 by topuniversities.com, this university requires A-level grades in Cambridge Law that are A*AA in order to study law there. For certain candidates, this might differ somewhat, but this is quite uncommon, and each applicant’s case is considered individually. The university, however, reportedly claims that while they don’t have any particular GCSE criteria, they do consider them to be a performance indicator. Successful applicants typically have high grades in the courses that relate to their field of study.

Yale University, USA

The US-based Yale University was established in the early 17th century and is renowned for imparting knowledge, fostering creativity, and preserving knowledge for future generations. It is considered one of the greatest institutions due to its high standards and requires a personal statement and a 250-word essay, known as the “Yale 250.” It is ranked 94th by topuniversities.com. According to their application materials, the 250-word essay is an opportunity to examine a topic or problem from your academic, extracurricular, or professional work that is particularly interesting to you. This is just another chance for faculty readers to learn more about how you would interact with the Law School community; the subject or issue you propose does not need to be linked to the practice of law. No matter how qualified, it will be difficult for any applicant to get accepted to Yale Law School. Prioritize getting the best grades and test results you can for the best chance of admission.

Stanford University, USA:

One of the top research universities in the world is Stanford University. It is a private institution with a ranking of 92.4 percent that is situated in the center of Silicon Valley, about 35 miles south of San Francisco. Nevertheless, because of its high standards for research and education, the institution is considered one of the best for studying. In addition to other optional requirements, applicants to Stanford Law School must submit a resume or curriculum vitae, a personal statement, letters of recommendation, official transcripts, and some documentation of their proficiency with challenging English-language content.

London School of Economics and Party-political Science (LSE) UK

The LSE is a renowned, unique university that focuses its instruction on the complete spectrum of the social, political, and economic sciences. However, the LSE’s law program is recognized as a top program offered at one of the top law schools in the world, coming in first place overall in the UK in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF). It is unmatched in terms of the global, comparative, and interdisciplinary perspectives and courses it offers and is ranked 89.9 by topuniversities.com.

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10 Top Universities in the World to Study Law

Columbia University, USA                              10 Top Universities in the World to Study Law

Undergraduate and graduate students at Columbia University have access to one of the most exceptional learnings and research environments in the world in a variety of academic and professional sectors. According to topuniversities.com, it is ranked 88.9%. The distinctive learning atmosphere at this esteemed university also contributes to the success of the law program there.

New York University (NYU), USA

With a commitment to urban identity, a professional focus, and the promotion of a global perspective that guides its 19 schools and colleges, NYU has always been a leader in higher education innovation. Despite being ranked 88.6% by topuniversities.com, the NYC School of Law may have the most comprehensive, varied, and vibrant program in international legal studies of any university in the world.

The University of California, Berkeley (UCB), USA

A vision of a university that would “give even more than California’s gold to the glory and happiness of succeeding generations” inspired the State Constitution, which led to the establishment of the University of California in the 18th century. Due to the university’s extensive curriculum and advanced learning, studying law there is a wonderful opportunity. On topuniversities.com, it received an 8.1% ranking.

The National University of Singapore (NUS)

The National University of Singapore, which is based in Singapore, is regarded as one of the top universities in Singapore and one of the best higher education institutions for studying law. However, topuniversities.com rates this prestigious university at 86.3 percent, making it the top university in Singapore for learning and research standards.

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Final Thoughts:

Undoubtedly, the universities on the above list are among the best in the world for studying law. But getting into these universities might be quite difficult! However, if you can demonstrate that you have the required grades and requirements, you will undoubtedly outperform the competition.

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