NYU Full Scholarship for International Students

NYU Full Scholarship for International Students: New York University is dedicated to offering financial assistance packages that consider the financial requirements of its international students. In contrast to loans, any scholarships or grants awarded by New York University or external organizations do not necessitate repayment.

If you do not reside in New York, it is advisable to reach out to your respective state’s financial aid agency to inquire about potential programs you may be eligible for. The contact details can be obtained by dialing 1-800-433-3243.

NYU Full Scholarship for International Students

NYU Scholarships International Students

Renewal Criteria: As long as you maintain full-time enrollment and take a minimum of 12 credits, your NYU scholarship will persist throughout the standard academic year, encompassing the fall and spring terms exclusively.

However, if you are a part-time student and take between 6 and 11 credits, your scholarship will be proportionally adjusted. It is imperative that the credits you undertake are relevant to your degree advancement.

NYU Full Scholarship for International Students

NYU Full Scholarship for International Students Requirements

For further information regarding the various scholarships and grants at your disposal, please refer to the following resources.

Scholarships and Grants

NYU Full Scholarship for International Students

NYU Merit Scholarships for International Students

How to Apply for Financial Aid/ Scholarship

The act of applying for financial aid is a crucial and indispensable component of the college application procedure. Fortunately, the process can be easily accomplished in a few simple steps.

In order to be eligible for need-based aid, it is imperative that all financial aid applications are submitted within the designated timeframe.

It is noteworthy that a significant proportion of undergraduate students who apply for financial aid are granted need-based aid.

NYU Full Scholarship for International Students

NYU Full Scholarship for International Students Deadline

Deadlines and Applications

The deadlines and requirements vary depending on the type of enrollment, such as early decision, regular decision, application through the SPS Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies, transfer student, or student seeking a second bachelor’s degree.

To obtain detailed information about the deadlines and requirements associated with each enrollment category, please refer to the following resources.

NYU Full Scholarship for International Students

NYU Graduate Scholarships for International Students

New York University provides a diverse array of financial assistance options to facilitate the funding of your educational pursuits. For further information, please explore the following:

Merit-Based Scholarships

We provide a range of competitive scholarships based on merit to assist in funding your academic pursuits. It is worth noting that approximately 52% of students who enroll are granted scholarships.

All applicants, whether they are pursuing full-time or part-time studies, are taken into consideration. However, individuals enrolled in non-degree or advanced professional certificate programs, as well as NYU Employees, are not eligible for merit-based scholarships.

Please be aware that this list does not encompass all the scholarships offered by NYU Wagner.

NYU Full Scholarship for International Students

Cornell University Scholarships International Students

How to Apply

Please proceed with the submission of your online application for admission to NYU Wagner. It is important to note that these scholarships do not necessitate the submission of an additional essay. The selection of recipients will be based on their suitability for the scholarship program and the quality of the application they have submitted.

  • Dean’s Scholarship
  • Student Success Scholarship
  • Public Service Scholarship
  • Executive Leaders Scholarship
  • City Year Scholarship
  • McNair Scholarship
  • Teach for America (TFA) Scholarship
  • Bonner Program Scholarship
  • AmeriCorps Scholarship
  • Charles B. Rangel Scholarship
  • The Harry S. Truman Scholarship
  • The Donald M. Payne Scholarship
  • NYPD Scholarship
  • The Thomas R. Pickering Scholarship
  • Public Policy and International Affairs (PPIA) Scholarship
  • Nneka Fritz (WAG ’08) Scholarship
  • Brodsky Family Scholarship
  • Luther M. Gulick Scholarship
  • May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Mayor’s Graduate Scholarship Program (MGSP)
  • Military Service Scholarship
  • NYU Peace Corps Coverdell Fellowship

NYU Full Scholarship for International Students

NYU Full Scholarship for International Students 2023

External Funding/Scholarships for International Students

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship

Visit Website

The Sarawak Foundation – The Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship

Visit Website

Royal Thai Embassy Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Scholarships for Thai Students

Visit Website

Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation Programmes of Scholarships for Hellenes

Visit Website

Academic Program Available at NYU

A listing of the over 400 programs offered at the University

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Additionally, readers can acquaint themselves with our communities through the narratives of our staff and faculty.

Furthermore, our publication showcases the various avenues through which students remain actively involved beyond the confines of the classroom while pursuing their education abroad.

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